September 2014 || "BFFs"

Our grand opening event was celebrated by showing a number of the most talented emerging artists of Lancaster PA, all in one place.

Although the space was still pretty raw, I like to imagine the feels were too!

Marked by the contemporary works of:

  • Annie Kerekgyarto
  • Darren Jordan
  • Eric Regester
  • Osmyn Oree
  • Sam Warren
  • Holly Farrell
  • Taylor Brown
  • Salina Almanzar
  • Thomas Valentine
  • Zach Kolodziejski
  • Emma Cate Robertson

Artist and patrons alike were a-buzz with new possibilities, new outlets and a new frame of mind for a Lancaster which would celebrate and provide a platform for serious emerging artists of all levels. A new paradigm had begun.


(photos by Nikki Weems)